The Allard lab participates in the Beyond Genes conference!

This first edition of the Beyond Genes conference has been collaboratively organized by researchers, clinicians and research advocates, on the initiative of Jill Escher and with the support of the Escher Fund for Autism. The goal of the Beyond Genes conference is to explore non-genetic inheritance including epigenetic and other non-genetic factors. Studying non-genetic inheritance is particularly critical to comprehensively understand the origins of many traits and pathologies considered heritable or innate.

During six sessions spread over Fall 2020, the conference aims to present research conducted with the purpose of deciphering mechanisms of non-genetic inheritance and features sessions focused on specific toxicants. The first two sessions explored the underlying mechanisms of inter- or transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. If you missed them, recorded sessions are still available to stream on the conference website until the end of the conference series. Session 3 (Nov 6) will feature short talks. Sessions 4 (Nov 20), 5 (Dec 4) and 6 (Dec 11) are respectively focused on tobacco and cannabis, endocrine disrupting compounds and the heritable impacts of general anesthesia.

In addition to participate in the organization of several sessions, the Allard lab will also be doubly represented. In Session 5 (Dec 4), Steen Ooi will present his recent work on the alterations of bisphenol A in the development of mouse primordial germ cells. Anne Le Goff will close the conference series on December 11 and talk on the moral responsibilities associated with research on the germline.

All the information to register, watch recorded talks and check the program can be found on the conference website on


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